The 10 Best Unfollow app for Instagram

The 10 Best Unfollow app for Instagram

Hello Friends! Today’s blog is on a quite different subject like why people follow or unfollow any account on Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking sites. And why there is a need of a perfect and the best unfollow app for Instagram to do this kind of critical and time taking work in a few minutes.

With the good looking face and stunning profile pictures, you create your adorable portfolio on Instagram. Adding family and friends, likes, dislikes, comments and compliments, did you ever noticed that there are tools created by android which count your followers, manage them, analyze them and unfollow them. You might be taking lot of efforts to make your pictures or contents attractive, eye-catching but still someone unfollow that, is a little bit disturbing.

So you must be worrying now why my followers are getting reduced and how it’s happening.

Did I post something wrong? And trying to find the reason behind people unfollowing you. So it’s not the case

There are several theories behind people follow or unfollow on Instagram is because

  1. They are trying to grow their account publicity.
  2. And the other reason is that one account can follow only 7500 accounts at a time.

Don’t think negatively if some is unfollowing you “As one account can follow only 7500 accounts at a time”. So people may want to keep their follower list in a sorted way. Even you can also unfollow and discard the people in your list who are hardly concern about your posts. And there are again ghost followers which you genuinely wanted to unfollow them.

Following are a list of Apps which can help you in sorting your follower list in the smart and ethical way: The best unfollow app for Instagram.

  • Unfollowers For Instagram
  • Follow Cop
  • Unfollow For Instagram
  • Followers Chief
  • Unfollowers and Followers Analytics
  • Instagram Optimizer
  • Mass Unfollow for Instagram
  • Crowdfire App
  • Follow Meter App

So we will see how this app works for us in a better way and which app gives more efficient ways to maintain your Instagram account safe and popular as well. 

  1. Unfollowers for Instagram :

Frankly speaking, people really do not want to unfollow them, but sadly it does happen. With the help of this app, you can know who unfollowed you right on the spot, and this will also get notified when someone chooses to block you. Apart from the Unfollowers for Instagram also shows your fans and best friends who always like or comment on your posts. You can also track the people who don’t follow you but also you can track your gained followers and much more. So, learn and track about your unfollowers with Unfollowers for Instagram.

Key Features Of this App:

  1. Story analysis.
  2. Account statistics.
  3. Your friend list not following you although you follow them.
  4. Track your Gained/Lost followers

Download the latest version

2. Follow Cop

best unfollow app for instagram

With Follow cop app you can keep an eye of your Instagram account. These best unfollow apps for Instagram are not just regular unfollowed apps but they manage your Instagram profile in a smart and elegant way. It provides you with a unique feature to get more visibility on your Instagram. So, learn more about your profile track your unfollowers and unfollow about 20 people in just a single click from the app without paying anything. Get to know about your fans and friends and also about ghost followers and much more on the Follow Cop.

Key Features Of this App:

  1. Global  visibility
  2. Create up to 3 Instagram accounts.
  3. Mass Unfollow.
  4. No hourly unfollow limits.
  5. Recent Unfollowers

Visit Follow Cop website

3. Unfollow for Instagram – Non-followers & Fans

This is the easiest way to unfollow the people in your Instagram account. Make your tracking experience easy and reliable with this app to unfollow people who don’t bother to stay on your profile. You can unfollow single user or multiple users at just one tap also get a list of people who don’t follow you back. This is an app simply made to track users who do not follow you back on Instagram and allows you to unfollow them.

    Key Features Of this App:

  1. Simple UI to track non-followers.(Easy to understand)
  2. Unfollow a single user.
  3. Unfollow multiple users who do not follow you back.

Download from the google play store

4. Followers Chief

This is a simple app which allows you to track your account with no adds to ease your tracking without any disturbance. If you have a popular Instagram account it is nearly impossible to unfollow every single user who doesn’t follow you back but with this app, you can unfollow almost 150 + users. You can also get data of your followers as well as your unfollowers and also get a list of your best friends who most often comment and like your posts. So, this is the simple way to manage your statistics and popularity with Followers Chief inefficient way out.

Key Features Of this App:

  1. Provides Statistical data of your followers and unfollowers insight.
  2. Unfollows who does not follow you back.
  3. You can Unfollow nearly 200 accounts in one go.
  4. Displays your popularity score and status.

Follow the website for more details


5. Unfollowers and followers analytics for Instagram:

This is a one-stop solution for all your tracking problems with their own Instagram tracker. This app will provide all information about your unfollowers, your new and recent followers, ghost followers who are not interested in your profile, your genuine followers who like and comments on your posts and much more. This best unfollow app for Instagram, work with the help of their Instagram tracker. Also, you will get a quick report and the full analysis of Instagram profile in just one click. So, you can easily unfollow people from the list and will have only genuine insta followers on the list on your profile.

Key Features Of this App:

  1. Core analysis for Instagram audience and posts.
  2. New and current followers for Instagram.
  3. Ghost followers(People who are not interested in your profile)
  4. Insta report to your audience.

The app download from the google play store

6. Instagram Optimizer

best unfollow app for instagram

Instagram optimizer one of the best unfollow app for Instagram. You need to signup and then connect with your Instagram account and then set up your campaign. You need to relax and watch your profile growth. This is absolutely automatic growth. The price is $7 for 7 days, $20 for 30 days and $50 for 90 days. You will able to follow and unfollow in targeted area.

Key Features Of this App:

  • Powerful targeting area
  • Smart filter
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic use

Visit the Instagram Optimizer website

7. Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Mass Unfollow for Instagram is the market best unfollow app for Instagram. The Mass Unfollow app is working on Android and Apple. So this is the great app for Instagram users. The app is very user-friendly, many people are using this apps for their feature.

Key Features Of this App:

  • Bulk block/unblock/unfollow users
  • Bulk delete posts
  • Bulk unlike posts
  • Free
  • Easy to use

For iTune

For Android

8. Crowdfire App

best unfollow app for Instagram

The Crowdfire app is the market best social media management apps. You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. A lot of feature in this social media management apps. You can use it free and a premium version with paid. Monthly charge $7.48 for Plus member and $37.48 is for Premium and also $74.98 is for VIP users. The apps are very old and using many people for their facilities.

Key Features Of this App:

  • Trustable website apps
  • PC and Mobile is available
  • Easy to install and use
  • Most popular apps
  • A lot of features
  • Free option

The Crowdfire website


9. Follow Meter App

The Follow Meter app is very new in the market but effective. You can see your ghost followers or unfollowers on Instagram, what is most important to increase and improve followers on the brand profile. Many people are searching for this type of tools to remove ghost followers. Ghost profile means unuseful profile on Instagram.

Follow Meter will help you to find out the ghost Instagram users and you can see who is not follow back. Actually, unfollowers mean who are not follow back.  Also, you can follow the targeted users via these apps. This is might be the best unfollow app for Instagram nowadays.

Key Features Of this App:

  • Find out unfollowers
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Track all followers
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly

The Follow Meter App Website



Igmaster is the popular tools to get Instagram analytics and track your followers who have unfollowed you and followed you today. This is the most important to track your followers. I recommended you to use this app for your Instagram growth.

You will get only real and targeted followers by using this app. You also can view who are the best followers in your follower’s list. This is a very new feature.

Key Features Of this App:

  • Who Unfollowed You
  • Easy to use
  • Who are your secret admirers
  • Find out ghost followers
  • Who are your best followers
  • Get Instagram Follower Insights

The Igmaster website for more details

However, there are several other tools and apps available in the market and still few are upcoming but still I feel with the above apps you will be able to Follow /Unfollow your follower list keep maintained and updated from your very own Instagram account. By comparing their key features you can select the one which is suitable for you.

Gaining and losing followers or counting followers, Analyzing and Maintaining your popularity in Social network sites is a quite tedious task. The best unfollow app for Instagram not only gives the coverage to get rid of this task but also provides you to mass unfollow which is very necessary in this changing world.

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